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Upcoming SDRP Webinar: Addressing Equity in Our Restoration Work

November 8th, 2022

1:00PM – 2:00PM

Registration is free and can be found HERE

Event Info: All responsible agencies, NGOs, consultants and contractors are working to incorporate diversity, equity and inclusion practices into our conservation work. We’ll start with some basic definitions and how these principles can be applied in restoration including dam removal work. Sometimes this means fostering respectful engagement and conversation with diverse project stakeholders who aren’t often included. Doing more equitable work may mean changing the way you procure subcontractors or materials. Importantly, funding partners are requiring us to consider DEI principles in applications to fund our projects. We will hear from two funders, USFWS and NRCS on how equity plays a role in funding decisions. We will also take a quick look at some of the tools available to screen your project areas for opportunities to do more equitable work.