How much does it cost to remove a dam?

Because the size and location of dams vary so greatly, the cost to remove an individual dam can range from tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars. (AR)

Who pays for dam removal?

Who pays for the removal of a dam is often a complex issue. In past cases, removal has been financed by the dam owner, local, state and federal governments, and in some cases agreements whereby multiple stakeholders contribute to cover the costs. (AR)

Is it cost effective to remove a dam? Dam removal can be expensive in the short term, but in most cases where dams have been removed or are being considered for removal, money is actually saved over the long term. Removal eliminates the expenses associated with maintenance and safety repairs, as well as direct and indirect expenses associated with fish and wildlife protection (e.g. fish ladders and mitigation for fish mortality). In addition, removal often generates income from newly available recreation opportunities – including fishing, kayaking, and rafting – which may actually result in a net economic benefit. In some areas, dam removal may allow resumption of commercial fishing activities. (AR)